Vintage FM61 Sessel von Radboud Van Beekum für Pastoe

1 002.00 EUR

This chair is constructed from geometrically folded steel with bent ply seating. Inspired by the designs of Gerrit Rietveld and following the traditions of the De Stijl movement the cube chair was designed as a progression of Rietveld´s red and blue chair. The original FM60 cube chair was introduced in 1980 during the Triennale in Poznan, Poland. Initially, it was a flatpack, epoxied frame with canvas seating in white, grey and black. From 1983 the FM61 in colored plywood and FM62 in saddle leather appeared, delivered assembled. The FM61 was first exhibited at the show ´´USM Pastoe a Dutch Meubelfabriek 1913-1983´´ at the Central Museum of Utrecht. The chair is no longer produced, but it remains on display in the permanent collections of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Technical University Delft.